Electrical bus systems

Nu-Core designs, engineers and manufactures the most advanced and reliable high-current AC and DC bus systems in the world. Our systems serve steel, fiberglass, chlorine, chemical and other ultra-high-current industrial processes worldwide.

Because of our proven reputation, many of the world's most advanced electric arc furnace manufacturers specify Nu-Core water-cooled bus systems as original equipment on new installations. We set the standard for other high-current AC and DC electrical power applications as well.

For many years, air-cooled bus was the industry standard. In the 1960s, higher current bus systems became necessary, which led to the development of water-cooled bus applications.

Nu-Core was one of the early pioneers in this field. For the past 30 years, we have remained at the forefront of industry evolution.

Our broad experience has made Nu-Core an industry leader, and has made designing and building water-cooled bus a vital segment of our business. Today, any manufacturing process that requires high current can significantly increase efficiency by using Nu-Core's water cooled bus systems.

Because shutdowns are costly, Nu-Core is committed to building and repairing your power transfer systems as quickly as possible. We maintain an extensive inventory of large diameter oxygen-free high-conductivity copper pipe, copper plate and copper forging material. As a result, we can design, build and ship your high-current bus systems or its components in the shortest possible time.