Lance tips & burners

Oxygen lance tips and oxy-fuel burners are critical components in modern steel making. At Nu-Core, we have improved upon existing lance and burner technology, resulting in superior products.

Lance tips and oxygen/fuel burners have become increasingly important in today's steel making processes. Nu-Core has elevated these parts to a new level of quality. We have introduced precision machined, forged copper lance tips and burners to replace those made from castings.

Forged copper's superior mechanical properties give our lance tips a competitive advantage with customers who demand high quality and extended product life. Our investment in the most advanced CAD/CAM software available, combined with machining capabilities presently unmatched in the industry, allow us to bring these superior parts to our customers at prices better than or comparable to cast tips.

Our extensive stock of raw materials means we can bring your lance tip from the computer screen to your plant in record time. Our state-of-the-art solid modeling and machining software allows us to incorporate your specified design changes into your lance tips and burners without the cost or long lead times associated with cast products.

Our design team is ready to assist you with your lance and burner needs.