Water cooled copper panels

At Nu-Core, we are using our copper welding expertise to build water-cooled copper panels. We keep a large inventory of industry standard pipe in stock to meet even the toughest deadlines.

Nu-Core has become one of the world's leading copper panel manufacturers. We can manufacture panels in any configuration for any type of furnace. Our design engineers can also assist in modifying your existing panel designs to meet your changing requirements.

Since one of our primary goals is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for all of their copper components, Nu-Core will also repair and rebuild your copper panels. Our expert fabrication team will evaluate panels individually and provide estimates of repair cost and replacement cost, giving you more options for managing your bottom line.

Our commitment to service and exceptional value for our customers will not be compromised. Our sales engineers and design team are always ready to assist you. Call us and tell us how we can help you.