Fabrication capabilities

Nu-Core's technicians continually strive to develop new and improved techniques to deliver excellent products at a fair price. We have the knowledge and proven track record to build any high-current bus system to your demanding specifications.

Nu-Core is positioned in the forefront of technological change. As the demand for improved ultra-high-current efficiency increases, Nu-Core technicians continually strive to develop new and improved techniques. When it comes to copper machining and welding, Nu-Core always delivers. With our knowledge and proven track record, we are equipped to design and build a high-current bus system that meets your demanding specifications in the shortest possible time.

Nu-Core's design engineers and fabricators can meet any challenge that today's ultra-high current demands.

Our substantial inventory of large diameter oxygen-free copper pipe, copper plate and forging stock is designed to meet our regular demands and unexpected emergency situations, as well. As a Nu-Core customer, you can depend on expert service and on-time deliveries.